LELLE: New project on “Learning How To Learn” is starting!

By July 13, 2015English

LELLE is the new project on “Learning How To Learn” and it is starting tomorrow! The kick-off meeting will take place from 14th to 15h of December 2015 in Nagykanizsa (Hungary).

LELLE will focus the “awareness raising to the importance of and providing an innovative solution for the inclusion of the training of learning skills in existing higher education curricula”: The European Erasmus+ proposal was selected for funding and the Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL) is one core partner of the consortium with a total budget of 300,000,- €.

The key aim of LELLE is to provide a working solution to acquiring the skill: “Ability to Learn Quickly”. LELLE aims to raise awareness of higher education institutions and their staff to this problem and find an innovative solution by assessing the learning skills of students entering higher education with the help of the Learning Skills Filter and teaching the missing skills through the Learning Skills Development built into their curricula..

LELLE is innovative in three main aspects: Firstly, the elaboration of a filter assessing the learning skills of students entering higher education. Secondly, the modules of the Learning Skills development built into the existing curricula of higher education institutions. And thirdly, the creation of the LELLE Kit, which will be a ready-to-use package of various materials that can be applied anywhere in Europe.

The LELLE coordinator and applicant for the OUNL is Christian M. Stracke.

Author Christian M. Stracke

Dr. Christian M. Stracke is Associate Professor for Open Education and Innovation at the Open University of the Netherlands. In addition he is Advisory Professor at the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai, and Adjunct Professor at the Korea National Open University (KNOU) in Seoul. His main working fields are Open Education, technology-enhanced learning, educational policies and philosophy, learning innovations and quality, impact assessment and competence modelling. He has founded and established ICORE, the International Community for Open Education and Research and LINQ, the annual international conference on Learning Innovations and Quality. He has got 20+ years of business and research experience in HR and E-Learning in leading research teams and large scale projects (> 100 projects, > 50 Mio. EUR) and in consulting institutions and public authorities to develop long-term policies. His latest news online at: www.opening-up.education.

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