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SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is a nation-wide movement to equip and to empower all Singaporeans with the necessary skills for the rapid changing market place both at the local front, as well as at the global platform. Primarily, it aims to foster a life-long learning culture with the vision for a competitive and a resilient work force. The SkillsFuture initiative also aligns with Singapore’s long-term vision for a future-ready Singapore; staying relevant in the 21st century with the tagline: Your Skills; Your Assets; Your Future.

To drive and coordinate the Skillsfuture movement, two new statutory boards – SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) under the Ministry of Education and Workforce Singapore (WSG) under the Ministry of Manpower were established. All Singaporeans aged 25 (overseas Singaporean inclusive) are given an initial credit of $500 under the SkillsFuture Credit scheme for courses upon approval by the relevant authorities of this initiative. Following is a sneak preview of what the SkillsFuture encompasses:

  • Skillsfuture credits: 25 years of age (Singaporeans living overseas included), $500 with periodic top-ups, no expiry date.
  • Study awards: early to mid-career, skills development, $5k (500-2000)
  • Mid-career enhancement: 40 years of age, 90% of course fee
  • Earn & Learn – designed programmes for learning while working
  • Individual: Sign-on incentive $5k
  • Employer: grant up to $15k per employee
  • SkillsFuture credits can be used for selected MOOC courses

A European initiative that somewhat mirrors the vision and mission of SkillsFuture@SG is the Let’s Learn how to Learn (LELLE) project. Project partners stem from four countries, namely, the Europa Consortium Regional Development Non-profit Ltd. (ECN), Hungary; University of Pannonia (UP), Hungary; Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL), Netherlands; Wrocław University of Economics (WUE), Poland and BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personal training GmbH, Austria.

LELLE embraces a long-term vision to equip the graduates with core life-skills making them marketable and mobile for the labour force. It also seeks to raise awareness on the importance of providing innovative solutions for the integration of the three core skills: critical thinking, problem-solving and managing one’s own learning process, into the existing higher education (HE) curricula.

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Assistant professor at the Welten Institute, Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology. She was an education officer with the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore and was also part of the research team at the Learning Sciences Lab (LSL), National Institute of Education (NIE) for the Singapore Future School project on mobile learning activities to foster critical thinking and collaborative knowledge building. Her current research projects are MOOQ (Quality of MOOCs), Let’s Learn to Learn (LELLE) and Inspiring Science Education (ISE).

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