Getting SOONER on the policy radar

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Scientific results can’t really have a big impact on practice and policy unless it is disseminated outside the research context. Still, even when you do your best to share your latest findings in presentations at practice oriented events, press releases, newsletters or blogs, it can all be for nothing if policy makers never even find it and know what to do with it. That is why Marco and me were glad to have the opportunity to present the interim findings of all SOONER research to policy makers of the ministry of education, culture and science last month. It is a good thing…

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October last year I shortly introduced an instrument we developed which enables different stakeholders such as teachers, students, course designers and researchers to analyse the educational scalability of their course design when it comes to formative feedback. (You can read here more about it) I am glad to inform you that both the instrument and the corresponding paper are accessible online now! You can find the paper “A Framework towards Educational Scalability of Open Online Courses” here You can find the design analysis instrument here If you have any questions regarding the paper and/or the instrument feel free to contact…

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International eLearning and Open Education Congress in Madrid

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I was very pleased to be invited to the International UNIR iTED Congress 2017 on eLearning and Open Education: It took place on 21st and 22nd of November in the premises of the UNIR university in Madrid. Experts and colleagues from four continents came together to exchange and discuss latest experiences and challenges for introducing eLearning and Open Education and achieving impact in practice and society. My provocative title and guiding question of my speech in the afternoon was: “eLearning and Open Education: Why should we do it?” and I was happy that it was leading to a lot of…

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Challenges and opportunities of open online education: a group concept mapping study

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This summer my first article was accepted for publication in a scientific journal! This was wonderful news to me, a personal milestone… However, most people that are not my direct colleagues (for example: my grandpa) have only a vague idea (if even) what I actually do, and most of them don’t have the intention or time to read the full article to find out. This is ok with me, as I also admit I still don’t know exactly what my sister did during her 4 years of PhD research into ‘something with artificial kidneys’. However, I do want to give…

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Quality in Open Education matters now!

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Quality in Open Education matters now! Online discussion and MOOC follow up UNESCO World OER Congress 2017 The second international World OER Congress 2017 led to the approval of the Ljubljana OER Action Plan and a revival of the quality debate. Experts and national delegates from 111 countries adopted the 41 recommended actions by acclamation. All United Nations’ Member States are urged to mainstream open-licensed resources building knowledge societies and to achieve the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education. A plenary panel of the UNESCO and ICDE Chairs in OER emphasized the need to take on the…

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TEA conference presentation sum-up: Scalable peer-feedback design in MOOCs?

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On Thursday 5 October I got the chance to present our pilot study about scalable peer-feedback design at the TEA conference (International Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference) in Barcelona. In this post, I want to give you a short overview of our study. Incentive of the study The motivation behind our study was to investigate whether and how embedded, student-focused peer-feedback design has an impact on student perception regarding peer-feedback. In the literature, peer-feedback is seen as a scalable way to manage large student numbers. Scalability often is approached by a quantitative perspective: “A MOOC is scalable because it provides education…

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MOOQ and ICDE establish close cooperation

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MOOQ and ICDE establish close cooperation Partnership by MOOQ and ICDE for shared vision on quality of Open Education The European Alliance MOOQ and the global membership organization ICDE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a close cooperation. The two leading international initiatives for online learning confirm a shared quality vision and interest in the field of open education. Christian M. Stracke, MOOQ coordinator, and Gard Titlestad, ICDE Secretary General, who signed the MOU, are convinced that the collaboration will provide benefits for the whole community worldwide. A first focus will be the improvement of the quality of Open…

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Reflecting on symposium ORD Antwerp 2017: The challenges of open online education

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The annual conference, the Education Research Days (ORD) took place last month in Antwerp. At this large dutch speaking conference, both Flemish and Dutch researchers within the education field present their work. Part of this conference was the symposium ‘The challenges of open online education / MOOCs” where also some members of the SOONER research team presented their work. Variation ORD & Open Online Education The palette of presentations, posters and discussions on the Education Research Days is colourful. The variation is not only on the level of education that’s under investigation, but also at the level of observation. Where…

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Regional LELLE Conference on Learning to Learn: Beyond 2020

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Regional LELLE Conference on Learning to Learn: Beyond 2020! LELLE invites experts and practitioners to discuss future learning competences On Thursday, 1st of June 2017, the Erasmus+ project LELLE (Let’s Learn how to Learn) is holding a regional conference at the Open University of the Netherlands, Heerlen. Theme is “Learning to Learn: Beyond 2020”. The aim of the conference is to share and learn about on-going challenges as well as the huge potential in the changing educational landscape and the global workplace of the future. The conference hopes to empower all who are involved in education and the workplace with…

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If you do it, do it safely!

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Technology and in particularly the Internet facilitate our daily life by making communication easier than ever before. People born after 1985 are not aware of a life without e-mail, and of that amazing sound that the modem used to make when connecting the computer to this special network called “the Internet”. With the diffusion of social networks, sharing information has become effortless, and especially teenagers continuously share photos, information related to their location, feelings and other private information with their friends, often without being aware of the consequences. The I Secure Project aims to empower education systems with an “information…

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