LELLE Conference “Learning to Learning: Beyond 2020”

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LELLE Conference “Learning to Learning: Beyond 2020” was a huge success! The LELLE Conference on 21st century competences and skills took place on 1st of June 2017 at the Open University of the Netherlands The LELLE Conference “Learning to Learning: Beyond 2020” was a huge success: The conference theme attracted more than 50 participants from both the educational and non-educational sectors: students, lecturers, working professionals, young entrepreneurs, as well as key industry players. The LELLE Conference was organized by the Erasmus+ project LELLE (Let’s Learn how to Learn) and was held on Thursday 1st June 2017 at the Open University…

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If you do it, do it safely!

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Technology and in particularly the Internet facilitate our daily life by making communication easier than ever before. People born after 1985 are not aware of a life without e-mail, and of that amazing sound that the modem used to make when connecting the computer to this special network called “the Internet”. With the diffusion of social networks, sharing information has become effortless, and especially teenagers continuously share photos, information related to their location, feelings and other private information with their friends, often without being aware of the consequences. The I Secure Project aims to empower education systems with an “information…

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