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By August 4, 2017English

Just a short excerpt of a reflection I made lately about social networks:

“The relation between peer pressure and addictions has always been a problem, but with the rise of social networks this has become even more visible. The dopamine released into the body with every like, retweet or mention that one receives, generates a soft kind of addiction that is hard to diagnose. This wouldn’t be bad if it wouldn’t change the way we live our lives. But, this ‘addiction’ corrupts our lives as the intrinsic end goal of living them as best as we can, has turned out to be an extrinsic motivation that is fuelled with the approval of our ‘friends’. Friends that –to a great extent– will not be there to hold your hand in rainy days. The socio-cultural ‘pressure’ to not give up your digital status might lead to a dangerous misuse of the social networks, in which users create an ideal showcase of their lives just to gain acceptance within their social network.”

At this point, my question is: “is this thing eventually a healthy “social” behaviour?”

Any opinions?

Author Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez is a PhD student on Technology Enhanced Learning at Welten Institute (Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology) of the Open University of the Netherlands. Since he finished his Master project in 2013, he has been working on the design, development, implementation and testing of innovative tools and strategies to improve the support of Mobile Inquiry-based Learning in secondary education. His research has evolved into the use of Role Theory embedded with technology as a mean to structure and enhance IBL processes. Angel is a fellow of the Dutch research school information and knowledge systems (SIKS). Next to the OUNL research, he is the CTO in Smart Data Protection which deals with online data security.

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