Guest lecture at Zuyd Hogeschool

Today was rather special. I was invited to give a lecture at Zuyd Hogeschool in the minor of the Internet of Things (IoT). This minor is coordinated by my fellow colleague Marcel Schimtz (see 5 student teams working on classroom IoT).

My lecture today was entitled “Multimodal Learning Analytics: 
an IoT approach for social signals”I presented the theoretical background of social signals and multimodality in learning and human behaviour. I talked about the five main challenges of the multimodal learning analytics cycle, namely the data collection, data storing, data processing, data annotation and data exploitation.

I also showcased some interesting related research projects that we are developing at Welten Institute at OUNL and presented some internship opportunities.

To me, this guest lecture was a unique opportunity. Although I presented my PhD topic several times, this was the first time I had to prepare some educational material about it, in a way that could help IT students grasp better the concept of IoT with Social Signals and better developing their projects.

It was for me a difficult exercise since it is the first time had to do such task and – in my knowledge – there is no existing curriculum or book this subject, but I had to prepare everything from scratch.

However, it was a rewarding feeling for me acknowledging that my lecture was an added value for the students.

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I am 26-years-old Learning Technologist. Born in Bari (Italy), now living in the Netherlands where I moved to study a master Artificial Intelligence and Learning Analytics. I am currently second year PhD candidate at TELI research centre of the Open Universiteit. My expertise is in Machine Learning techniques on learning (big) data. My extended bio at

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