i have taught you well young grasshopper.

By July 7, 2016English

I have taught at many different schools and I can tell you that being a great teacher is about adapting to your ‘grasshoppers‘.

Teachers have the complex of job fine-tuning their education for students with various preferences and needs.

We have to determine how our students learn best to make them better ‘grasshoppers‘.


Mr. Miyagi taught his student fundamental ‘wax on – wax off‘ skills before teaching their context and application.

Mr. Miyagi assessed his student and found that these fundamental skills needed to be developed because every student has individual needs and a good teacher adapts to these needs.

What if I can make a tool for textual and visual learners, a tool that adapts to the level of the student?

A tool that harvests the feedback from students and the teacher into useful information to keep the cycle of learning going?

A tool that gives the learner the ability to start self-regulating the process of mastering complex skills?


wax on – wax off

Author Kevin Ackermans

I am a PhD candidate at the Open University of the Netherlands, researching Video Enhanced Rubrics. I received my Honors in Philosophy in 2009 from Fontys. Bachelor in Educational Theory, Philosophy of Child Rearing in 2011 from Fontys. Master in Special Educational Needs in 2015 from Fontys. I am a certified vice-principal from...drumroll.. wait for it..Fontys. I also like cookies. And sun-burn way to quickly.

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