Technology and in particularly the Internet facilitate our daily life by making communication easier than ever before. People born after 1985 are not aware of a life without e-mail, and of that amazing sound that the modem used to make when connecting the computer to this special network called “the Internet”.

With the diffusion of social networks, sharing information has become effortless, and especially teenagers continuously share photos, information related to their location, feelings and other private information with their friends, often without being aware of the consequences.

The I Secure Project aims to empower education systems with an “information security culture”.

In this project, four different countries are involved to develop training for teachers and help them to become our “Information Security Agent”.

By training teachers, we believe to have an impact on students’ and parents’ awareness on the topic of information security.

We are 17 months into the project, which will last 36 months in total. We already performed a target needs analysis, involving school staff (teachers and headmasters), students (11-18 years) and their parents. Based on the needs identified, we designed the curriculum for the teachers training. We are now in the phase of defining the pedagogical content and the analysis and design of the IT architecture of the platform that will be used, labelled as “TEL I secure eco-system”.

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Author Alessandra Antonaci

PhD Candidate at the Welten Institute (Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology) at the Open University of the Netherlands. She studied Adult Education and Orientation and she received her MSc in Education, with full marks in 2007. Immediately after she started working in the HR Department, initially as a trainer, and subsequently also as recruiter in two of the most renowned shipping companies in Italy. During this period she gained experience in delivering and designing both e-learning and traditional courses. These experiences sparked her interest for the academic world and, since 2012, she has been employed as research fellow for the Institute for Educational Technologies (ITD) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Genoa, Italy. Here Alessandra has worked in the areas of Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible) and Serious Games. In all these fields her main interest was the design of technology-enhanced learning actions. Since October 2015 she started working at Welten Institute and she is directly involved in the following activities and roles: - PhD project aiming to research alternative and effective approaches to design high quality MOOCs; - MOOQ (Massive Online Open Εducation Quality- Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships- KA: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices); PBL 3.0 (Integrating Learning Analytics and Semantics in Problem Based Learning- Erasmus+, KA: Support for policy reform) and EBE (Evidence Based Education European Strategic Model for School Inclusion- Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership, KA: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices) three European projects, where she is involved as researcher.

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