Invitation: augmented reality and wearable technologies in education survey

By July 29, 2016English

Augmented reality (AR) and wearable technologies (WT) show huge potential to change the way we educate and train. In the publicly-funded WEKIT project, we explore experience capturing to support observation of a master performing problem-solving tasks and to deliver augmented real-time guidance to trainees.

With this questionnaire, we aim to survey your past experience and future expectations. This is a unique opportunity to provide your insights and opinions as input to the development of a public technology roadmap and its implementation in an open platform.

The survey is performed as part of the WEKIT project (wearable experience for knowledge intensive training). If you are interest in augmented reality and wearable technologies for learning, take part in the survey and join the WEKIT community:

Author Roland Klemke

Prof. Dr. Roland Klemke is researcher at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. His research topics include serious gaming, game-based learning, mobile learning, augmented reality, open architectures, web-based collaboration, and collaborative content production. He is experienced in the fields of software development, e-learning, knowledge management, mobile solutions and web-based systems. Prof. Klemke holds a professorship for game design at Mediadesign Hochschule (Mediadesign university of applied science) in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he teaches subjects like game engine architectures, game development methodologies, game physics, and artificial intelligence for games. Additionally, he is CEO of Humance AG, a Cologne based software development company specialized in mobile and web-based solutions, coordinating research and development activities.

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