Keynote EADTU conference: Who let the drop out?

By July 30, 2015English

On 29 of October Marco Kalz has provided a keynote to the “Online, Open and Flexible and Higher Education Conference” organised by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). This year’s conference takes place in Hagen at the German Distance Teaching University and has the focus on “Transforming higher education in the 21st century: Innovating pathways to learning and continuous education”. In his presentation he challenged the current success measurement approaches of MOOCs and he proposes an alternative measurement based on the intention-behaviour gap and several interventions that can help to increase the succes of learners despite their diversity.

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Author Marco Kalz

Professor for Open Education at the Faculty Management, Science and Technology and the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. Currently involved in several national and international research projects on open education.

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