Are you ready to fail?

By July 10, 2016English

One might think that failure will never arrive at our lives. WRONG. It will. And it will do it that fast… that you will never realize how and why it happened. I am sure you will be sad. And I am sure you will be down. But I hope these words help to understand that, at a certain point, failure is even more necessary than success.

Since birth, we are used to receive compliments whenever we succeed. Presents from our parents when we pass all our exams, nice words from colleagues when a journal gets accepted, hugs and kisses when for the first time we managed to tie our shoelaces. Those are examples of things that of course need to be celebrated and you need to be congratulated for.

But what happens when we don’t succeed?. What happens when all our expectations are truncated? And all our work, effort, and time are crushed… We feel bad, very bad. We think we don’t deserve that. Because, we worked really hard to get that journal accepted, to pass that exam or even to tie your shoelaces, that is very unfair that at the end nothing came out of it.

Well.. let me say this is completely WRONG. I don’t know your case. But let’s reflect and think about the positive things you should learn out of the experience. I am completely sure that many things came out of it. Many lessons learned. Many wrong strategies that you should never apply again. Many wrong attitudes. Many new friends. Many new concepts and new knowledge that you have never thought you could achieve. Many experiences. And many more new things that will help you to keep trying.

Life is a learning process. And these processes are sequences of failures that always need to be followed up by a reflection because failure itself is not good. But if we add a reflection next to it, it will become a very good opportunity to learn that

failure is never the end of anything

I agree that it takes some time to assimilate the new situation after the failure. And maybe teachers at schools need to address it earlier in order to reduce this assimilation time. But it is never too late. Put your failure in the timeline of your life and you will see that this is just a tiny thing.

Trust me! We can’t afford to waste an opportunity to learn something. Life is too short for that. Don’t blame yourself for the failure. Don’t blame others. Don’t blame the situation. Focus on the things you’ve learned and use them to hit the next challenge.


Author Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez is a PhD student on Technology Enhanced Learning at Welten Institute (Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology) of the Open University of the Netherlands. Since he finished his Master project in 2013, he has been working on the design, development, implementation and testing of innovative tools and strategies to improve the support of Mobile Inquiry-based Learning in secondary education. His research has evolved into the use of Role Theory embedded with technology as a mean to structure and enhance IBL processes. Angel is a fellow of the Dutch research school information and knowledge systems (SIKS). Next to the OUNL research, he is the CTO in Smart Data Protection which deals with online data security.

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