I was lucky to be invited to a Hypervideo workshop with 20 experts on the subject.
The Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) hosted the event in the beautiful city of Lugano.
I planned a highly interactive workshop, aimed at ‘picking the brain’ of the experts at my disposal.
I started out by explaining the objectives of the viewbrics project, without showing the experts how we designed it.
I then gave everyone paper and pencils and asked them to design our interface for us, to see what they came up with.
Now that all the experts are in design mode, I started the second part of the workshop.
I presented our design and asked them how they would improve it, and what they would keep.
It turned out to be an interactive and useful workshop as everybody was discussing their design considerations and drawing their own viewbrics design.
Luckily, nobody objected to the audio recording of the closing discussion about design decisions.
This will make the analysis a lot easier and could even lead to a nice paper.
To me, these two days in Lugano where very valuable because I networked with colleges, got updated on new applications they are testing and I now have a better view on how our project is positioned in the international field.
Although this was a relatively small workshop, the subject was highly specific, which made it very useful.
It goes to show, even a small workshop might turn out to have a very high value.

Author Kevin Ackermans

I am a PhD candidate at the Open University of the Netherlands, researching Video Enhanced Rubrics. I received my Honors in Philosophy in 2009 from Fontys. Bachelor in Educational Theory, Philosophy of Child Rearing in 2011 from Fontys. Master in Special Educational Needs in 2015 from Fontys. I am a certified vice-principal from...drumroll.. wait for it..Fontys. I also like cookies. And sun-burn way to quickly.

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