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October last year I shortly introduced an instrument we developed which enables different stakeholders such as teachers, students, course designers and researchers to analyse the educational scalability of their course design when it comes to formative feedback. (You can read here more about it) I am glad to inform you that both the instrument and the corresponding paper are accessible online now! You can find the paper “A Framework towards Educational Scalability of Open Online Courses” here You can find the design analysis instrument here If you have any questions regarding the paper and/or the instrument feel free to contact…

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Scalable Course Design in MOOCs?

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We all know that the quality of a course be it a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or any other (open online) course, highly depends on the quality of the course design. Quality is a highly discussed topic in the literature and I don’t really want to go into it in depth but a very simple way of “measuring” the quality of a course design is by listening to the students the course is made for and the teachers who are teaching and maybe even did design the course. Students’ (dis)satisfaction regarding the design can tell you a lot about…

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TEA conference presentation sum-up: Scalable peer-feedback design in MOOCs?

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On Thursday 5 October I got the chance to present our pilot study about scalable peer-feedback design at the TEA conference (International Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference) in Barcelona. In this post, I want to give you a short overview of our study. Incentive of the study The motivation behind our study was to investigate whether and how embedded, student-focused peer-feedback design has an impact on student perception regarding peer-feedback. In the literature, peer-feedback is seen as a scalable way to manage large student numbers. Scalability often is approached by a quantitative perspective: “A MOOC is scalable because it provides education…

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