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Challenges and opportunities of open online education: a group concept mapping study

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This summer my first article was accepted for publication in a scientific journal! This was wonderful news to me, a personal milestone… However, most people that are not my direct colleagues (for example: my grandpa) have only a vague idea (if even) what I actually do, and most of them don’t have the intention or time to read the full article to find out. This is ok with me, as I also admit I still don’t know exactly what my sister did during her 4 years of PhD research into ‘something with artificial kidneys’. However, I do want to give…

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Reflecting on symposium ORD Antwerp 2017: The challenges of open online education

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The annual conference, the Education Research Days (ORD) took place last month in Antwerp. At this large dutch speaking conference, both Flemish and Dutch researchers within the education field present their work. Part of this conference was the symposium ‘The challenges of open online education / MOOCs” where also some members of the SOONER research team presented their work. Variation ORD & Open Online Education The palette of presentations, posters and discussions on the Education Research Days is colourful. The variation is not only on the level of education that’s under investigation, but also at the level of observation. Where…

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