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SOONER Symposium ORD (Onderwijs Research Dagen)

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The ORD (Onderwijs Research Dagen) is a yearly conference focussed on (Dutch) education research and the connection to practice. This year it took place from may 25th until may 27th at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our SOONER research project was represented on the last day when we hosted a symposium on Open Online Learning. In this short blog we share out experiences from the ORD, and our specifically from our symposium. ORD: first impression Renée Jansen and Julia Kasch were able to attend the full three days of the conference and had a chance to gain some first hand experiences….

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Traditional education as a CD album, future education as a playlist?

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Last week I turned 30, in my head I am still 22, but I more and more catch myself referring to things that today are considered “out of date” (my former first year students used to remind me of that). For instance, an actual CD album is not that common anymore (at least the physical disc is not). CD’s and singles as I know them from a record store, in a box, with a nice booklet, are (being) replaced by online streaming services. People can customize their own music by making playlists, cherry picking songs from various albums and artists,…

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