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Leaves are falling, ICO Fall School is calling!

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Looking outside the window red, yellow and brown trees are passing with 300 km/h. Flat landscapes are being alternated with somewhat more mountain like surroundings (disclaimer: if you’re Dutch, everything that’s not flat can be called a mountain). Around every corner and tunnel, hides a new décor: small villages, typical churches, vineyards and forests… We slowly make our way to the south of Germany…It’s a new Monday, just another day at the office for a PhD student in educational sciences. Because if leaves start falling, the ICO Fall School is calling! From the 31st of October till the 4th the…

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Open Online Education: Standing on the shoulders of giants

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The expression “standing on the shoulders of giants” conveys the meaning of “discovering truth by building on previous discoveries”. It was found in a letter by Isaac Newton dating from 1676, but it is a principle that is still widely used in our present world and daily lives, and predominantly in an academic context. This is also where I found myself wondering as a first year student in 2008: How can the world outside academia benefit from scientific knowledge if you can only access all the articles through certain (costly) subscriptions? How can a non-academic individual stand on the shoulder…

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