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Kick off SOONER & challenges ahead: Innovation projects batch 2

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Last week, on May 19th 2016 prof. dr. Marco Kalz and I have presented the SOONER project to the twelve project leaders who have been awarded funding for their open online education projects at SURF. It was a very nice opportunity to meet the people behind the project plans, to get some insight about their projects and ideas, and to share knowledge about open online education and surrounding topics. Additionally, we introduced the SOONER project with a focus on the accompanying research topic: we got to explain the way we would like to do systematic research within the SOONER project, how we will collect our data,…

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Open Online Education: Standing on the shoulders of giants

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The expression “standing on the shoulders of giants” conveys the meaning of “discovering truth by building on previous discoveries”. It was found in a letter by Isaac Newton dating from 1676, but it is a principle that is still widely used in our present world and daily lives, and predominantly in an academic context. This is also where I found myself wondering as a first year student in 2008: How can the world outside academia benefit from scientific knowledge if you can only access all the articles through certain (costly) subscriptions? How can a non-academic individual stand on the shoulder…

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