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PhD Round Table – Teachers assessment in DojoIBL

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What is the ‘PhD Round Table’ initiative at TELi?   The PRT is an informal meeting that takes place in the TELi department every two weeks and it only has one item in the agenda. Each session a PhD brings to the table a question/concern/idea/problem (you name it…), which is discussed at least for an hour. The participation is not mandatory but it is highly appreciated. The PRT goals are: (1) to increase the intellectual discussions within the TELi group, (2) to raise awareness about others topics and (3) to brainstorm and to discuss different perspectives to a problem. My…

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i have taught you well young grasshopper.

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I have taught at many different schools and I can tell you that being a great teacher is about adapting to your ‘grasshoppers‘. Teachers have the complex of job fine-tuning their education for students with various preferences and needs. We have to determine how our students learn best to make them better ‘grasshoppers‘.   Mr. Miyagi taught his student fundamental ‘wax on – wax off‘ skills before teaching their context and application. Mr. Miyagi assessed his student and found that these fundamental skills needed to be developed because every student has individual needs and a good teacher adapts to these needs. What if I can make a tool for textual…

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