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Getting SOONER on the policy radar

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Scientific results can’t really have a big impact on practice and policy unless it is disseminated outside the research context. Still, even when you do your best to share your latest findings in presentations at practice oriented events, press releases, newsletters or blogs, it can all be for nothing if policy makers never even find it and know what to do with it. That is why Marco and me were glad to have the opportunity to present the interim findings of all SOONER research to policy makers of the ministry of education, culture and science last month. It is a good thing…

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October last year I shortly introduced an instrument we developed which enables different stakeholders such as teachers, students, course designers and researchers to analyse the educational scalability of their course design when it comes to formative feedback. (You can read here more about it) I am glad to inform you that both the instrument and the corresponding paper are accessible online now! You can find the paper “A Framework towards Educational Scalability of Open Online Courses” here You can find the design analysis instrument here If you have any questions regarding the paper and/or the instrument feel free to contact…

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Leaves are falling, ICO Fall School is calling!

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Looking outside the window red, yellow and brown trees are passing with 300 km/h. Flat landscapes are being alternated with somewhat more mountain like surroundings (disclaimer: if you’re Dutch, everything that’s not flat can be called a mountain). Around every corner and tunnel, hides a new décor: small villages, typical churches, vineyards and forests… We slowly make our way to the south of Germany…It’s a new Monday, just another day at the office for a PhD student in educational sciences. Because if leaves start falling, the ICO Fall School is calling! From the 31st of October till the 4th the…

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Where is the balance?

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are, as the name suggests, courses with or for high student numbers. However, merely providing many students with information is not what education is about. MOOCs should and can enable deep learning, which implies that students have an active role during their learning process, engage in higher cognitive processes and relate new information to previous gained knowledge. Therefore, enabling deep learning can be seen as a criterion for MOOC quality. One simple but crucial aspect regarding the quality of MOOCs is that of constructive alignment. Do MOOC designers deliver what they promise? Are intended learning…

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Scalable assessment and feedback in Open Online Education (OOE)?

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A growing challenge in education is to facilitate high-quality education for an increasing number of students. Within online education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a great example of courses that are challenged by high student numbers when trying to support them. How can MOOCs provide high quality learning activities to high student numbers without increasing teacher time and without cutting down on quality?

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